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My name is Verena Roberts and I am a parent and learner dedicated to promoting an open networked educational system for learners of all ages.  I have created this blog in the hopes to develop a community looking for “open” possibilities in k-12.

I am currently working as an open online and eLearning educational consultant, online teacher/learning architect with the Palliser  Beyond Borders  Online School  Alberta, Canada and the Chief Innovation Officer for CANeLearn.

Please consider this blog and its posts an invitation to contact me, give me feedback and consider what open opportunities can be considered in the k-12 world.

Contact me by following me on twitter – and send me a tweet! @verenanz

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4 thoughts on “My story

  1. Hello! No facebook site for the course, we are going to go with a wordpress blog (under construction). We plan on offering a few courses throughout the year – the first starting in November for 2 weeks on Digital Citizenship and Open Learning. We decided to host the site on wordpress because then we can host through our server here in Canada, and then I have control over settings. However, the discussion on the “Creation” of Open Classrooms can easily happen in facebook. Do you want to set up a group?

  2. Hi, Verena!

    @whitneykilgore suggested I contact you. We are planning a MOOC on the topic of OER and she thought you might have an idea for a creative name for us. OER12 is a conference. We though about OERM12 or mOER12. Do you have any inspiration?


  3. Hi Robin!

    Ok – I have to chat to you and Whitney…..I have just been too busy! Whitney has my contact info….Can I be involved in this MOOC?
    Hmmmm cool names…..Will have to think about that one…

    LOER12 – Learning Open Educational Resources 12 ?


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