I’m scared and excited. In anticipation of Digital Storytelling Week for #etmooc

Although I encourage others to create as the foundation for more meaningful learning everyday – I still struggle with creating anything, “artsy”myself.  Specifically, I struggle with creating digital stories. I don’t enjoy blogging, I am not very “artsy” in any way. I still remember my “C” in art in grade 3, and I remember Athena Madan from grade 7 who could draw anything.

My point is – I have a lot of learning baggage when it comes to being creative.

So – when I was somehow included in the digital storytelling planning group for #etmooc with amazing creative people like Pete Rorabaugh, Laura Hilliger and Alan Levine, I didn’t know what I could really contribute. When you are surrounded by, “amazing” it is hard to think of how you can help.

That’s what makes this community and connected/open learning so great. I could contribute my “lack” of creativity as a skill (from an artsy point of view). I could speak up for the beginner, the person who can barely choose colours for wikis, create images, videos or anything else “cool”. I could ask for clarification and I could say – I think we need some scaffolding or support here.

I instantly suggested asking the “amazing” Darren Kuropatwa to lead a workshop.  He’s the type of person who makes you feel like a “zumba princess” (previous post) and knows how to make things simple for beginners like me.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I am creative, I am just “digital storytelling” challenged. Besides coding and programming, digital storytelling and design leaves me feeling a little – well not so amazing.

However – I have been proven wrong by the amazing #etmooc digital storytelling team! They have spent a lot of time thinking, re editing, thinking again and really, really listening to those of us, who call ourselves – beginners. The next two weeks at #etmooc include the “superstars” of digital storytelling – and they have actually said, ” We want everyone to participate – all levels!”. In fact they have added webinars, integrated other courses into the next two weeks and created a wide list of options.

I’m really looking forward to the next two weeks – and I want you to know that it scares me to death thinking about what I might “have to” create. However, that’s part of a MOOC, stepping outside of your box, depending on the skills of others, and contributing your own.

As I have learned, even not having “artsy” creative skills is a talent!

Here’s my first creation for #etmooc Digital Storytelling section (Created by @cogdog Alan Levine for all of us this week!) I am looking forward to many more. It really wasn’t that hard, it made me think and it was fun! Oh – and I already made the mistake of not linking it or saving it in the right place. So for all those of you who are beginners like me – there is hope, and hopefully someone will help me!

Five Card Story: Always Listen to the Wise Turtle

a Five Card Flickr story created by Verena Roberts 5cardetmooc

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

My Story: (Based on the images)

“Stop!” cried Robbie from behind the group. “The wise turtle says that if you keep going the clouds will surround you and turn you into a leaf!”

Tired of hearing about the imaginary wise turtle, the children ignored Robbie and they continued on their way down the path.

As the wise turtle predicted, a giant cloud formation came down and swooped up the children into the air above the trees and turned them into a leaf.

Robbie looked down at the wise turtle in his hand and said, “They are gone – all that is left of them is this leaf.”

The wise turtle answered, “They are not gone yet!” He crawled over to the leaf.

After eating up the leaf quickly he said, “Now they are gone, tit’s not like I didn’t warn them.”


Here’s to becoming an “Artsy Digi Story Princess!” Remember – it’s about the process and if I don’t try I can’ t learn! (See my last post if this makes no sense…)

Who else out there is a Digital Storytelling, “Beginner?” I’ll be there to support YOU this week! Please connect with me if you need to. @verenanz

OR connect with the amazing webinar facilitators who have really put a lot of work into these weeks. Or – write about how you feeling in the #etmooc community – that’s what it is there for.

OK – let’s go create!

Verena 🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m scared and excited. In anticipation of Digital Storytelling Week for #etmooc

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  2. Glenn Hervieux

    That is a cute story, Verena. I taught for eight years, different combinations of 4th-8th, and my last year, 3rd grade. I loved giving students the chance to write stories through quick writes and as spin offs of stories we were reading, or a subject we were studying. I kind of miss those times keeping it simple, and enjoying imagination 🙂 The thing that I love about using images is that I can barely draw a stick man…LOL 🙂 Like you, I’m no genius with multimedia. I’ll just have to settle with being me and enjoying small creations that tell my story and the things that have meaning to me.

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