Why am I writing this blog and why do I want other people to contribute?

Because I want to hear about other people’s ideas. I know what I am thinking….but I need to expand on that idea and figure out alternative ways to create an Open Classroom. I want to be like Rick Horan and Kevin Boyle from New York going around asking people for their ideas, A Project to Set Ideas Free. Many would consider these two more than a little odd, however the foundation of their project – a collection of ideas, promotes creativity and innovation.

This is a video about why your ideas are so important to me:

Sir Ken Robinson advocates that schools are stifling creativity. In this article, Robinson explains how he sees the stagnation of creativity in schools.

The Open Classroom is being developed to order to develop and fertilize creativity. Please consider telling me how you think we can develop an Open Classroom in schools today.

More inspiration from Sir Ken Robinson:

Verena 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. Liz

    Great video and article links! I think that teachers (and students) need to have the opportunity to collaborate with tech experts to develop these materials and to increase their overall proficiency in producing online course content so that they feel empowered to create. In addition, I think that building courses across subject areas will stimulate students and teachers. It is also essential to provide forums and other opportunities for students and teachers to interact not only with those in their regional area but others globally.

    I was reading about the Google Course Builder open source project that is in beta form:

    And I was inspired by Daphne Koller’s TED Talk:

    I can imagine that it would also be very exciting for K-12 schools to not only create their own open classroom courses, but to incorporate a systematic use of other open learning courses around the world. I think that many kids would be hugely motivated to participate in classes alongside kids from other countries. Collaborating on these open projects between schools of different regional areas would be incredible.

    Most of the open learning initiatives that I have encountered have been aimed at the post-secondary level, or adult learning. I am excited for the potential to bring these opportunities into the K-12 realm.

  2. admin Post author

    I saw that Course Builder today too! Howard Rheingold sent an email to all members of the handbook (you are welcome to help out with the k-12 crew)!!

    I also saw Daphne’s talk- but didn’t watch it – so now I will go and take that time…:)

    I think the idea of the Open Classroom is the future of education in so many ways! I agree that most of the “great” open learning is taking form in Higher Education. And as I plan the Open Classroom I can see why K-12 educators, parents and admin struggle to find their place.

    There is now a movement – a Global team – and a lot of potential. Again, I’m hoping that this blog helps find some of those people, and we can create educational change and the future – together!

    Thank you for your support!
    Verena 🙂

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