Data Collection Comes to an End…The Remix and Sharing Continues…

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Thank You….

I completed my last classroom observation yesterday for my EdD research. I have been working with the students since October, 2019. Just over 4 months.On the last day, the high school students were sharing digital stories that they created as a final project for their Storytelling and Perspectives Unit.

The stories were amazing, but what was most amazing was the trust that the students had with each other, their teacher , and even me, to share a little piece of themselves. We learned from Elder Randy earlier in this learning pathway that stories are gifts – and to be honest I wasn’t really sure what he meant. However, it felt like the students were giving me gift after gift today – a little piece of them.  I know there are many more students who are presenting after the break.  All I can say is thank you for the opportunity to sit and listen to you 🙂

Out of the video viewing came the opportunity for feedback. Many of the students need to work on some technical editing/design issues. I have put together some resources (many are also in Trello… BUT I will make it easy and link them al here as well.

Digital Storytelling Resources:

Examples of Personal Digital Stories:

The Painter:

Rita Merrick – Digital Stories

RVS Stories:

Building Futures:

Matt Embry: Painkiller:Inside the Opioid Crisis:

Great resources on how to tell my story online…

Digital Storytelling Tools and Templates: CHECK THESE TOOLS OUT:)

Assessment rubrics:

Creative Commons: (Free and openly licensed content/resources)



Music: (Please think hard before use music with lyrics – music without lyrics can be beautiful for so many reasons…)

Suggestions from Twitter Educators: Check out what others shared with you 🙂



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