Brainstorming Learning Pathways

This is the Version 1 mind map of a  Flexible Learning Pathway for Formal and Non-formal Learning

Flexible Learning Pathways MindMap

The focus of this mindmap was to see what evidence of learning is currently being offered by systems and what systems are looking for.

The systems that need to connect and collaborate for this learning pathway include:




Based on my research and interviews, the Learning Pathways needs to extend from at least High School to Pre and Post Higher Education.

This is a map of the process that the systems could work on collaboratively to create learning pathways.

Flexible Learning Pathway Process(1)This is a Flexible Learning Pathways Process chart  that integrates these ideas.

My most up to date chart on “Levels/Types of Badges”

That’s what I have for brainstorming at the moment.

Now- I am starting to support and explain these images.

Verena 🙂


Please support my attempts to build knowledge together with some feedback and/or suggestions